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Ready to Fall

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Charlotte Whittaker is used to putting her dreams on hold for others. So it was no surprise she agreed to return to her hometown of Nine Pines. Who else was going to help? Her parents’ house is falling apart, the bills aren’t getting paid. They need her. Despite loving her hometown, it’s a reminder of all the things she would give up, all the people she’ll be leaving behind when she returns for good.


If Charlotte has a polar opposite, it would be Mitchell Rizzo. Artistic and free-spirited, Mitchell left Nine Pines and never looked back. His band Forever July is a raging success and only growing with chart-topping fame. He refuses to let anything keep him from reaching his goals and living the life he deserves. Women and family are kept at arm’s length. Why bother?

When the two collide in Nine Pines for a wedding, Charlie and Mitchell decide to take a break from reality and allow themselves to give in to the spark between them. Neither of them expect how much they enjoy being together. What’s supposed to be a one-week fling turns deeper than either expected. Can Charlotte and Mitchell fight past their differences and learn from each other?


Or was this love doomed from the start?

Trigger Warnings: Alcohol and drug use, and parental neglect (off page), and misogyny.

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